Penis Advantage Scam

Penis Advantage Scam Review

If you are on this website, chances are you’ve heard of Penis Advantage. Is Penis Advantage A Scam? This is the question I’m sure everyone asks themselves after visiting their website, just as I did.

1) Don’t believe the testimonials on the Penis Advantage website.

2) Don’t believe other so-called ‘Penis Advantage Reviews’

penis advantage scam
You can never really tell if the testimonials on the website are real or not. Anyone can make up testimonials to try to suck you into ordering. And yes, alot of people order on the basis of testimonials alone.

Also, the thing with these so-called “Penis Advantage Reviews” is that’s all they’re basically doing – reviewing the product. They’re telling you what penis advantage is, why it works, and why not to try other penis enlargement programs. Have they actually even TRIED penis advantage themselves? Nope.

Chances are you’ve found this site by searching penis advantage, penis advantage scam, or penis advantage review on Google, and chances are you’re looking for answers, the truth, and clarification. I’m going to give it to you. Read on to find out more about my shocking experience with Penis Advantage..

This is my untold success story..

I’m a 20 year old asian male.. and I’m sure we all know the stereotype when it comes to asian males and their “tools”. Needless to say, just like many other unlucky asian guys, this stereotype was not so much of a… stereotype, in my case. I won’t tell you the exact measurements of my penis (normal or erect), but I can tell you that when it was erect, it was only as long as my thumb (not exactly, just 3/4 of my thumb).

This was all VERY embarrassing for me, but I found relief when I thought to myself, “It’s not like anyone’s going to see it anyway”. But still, considering my penis was only almost as long as my thumb when erect, it was hard to masturbate and get any real pleasure. Now you might be thinking “that’s disgusting”, but I know you masturbate too. :) I couldn’t get any pleasure because I could barely stroke my penis. My penis was so small that it was hard to actually get a hold of it with my hand. Then I thought, what if I tried masturbating a different way!

This is how I was masturbating before..

penis advantage scam
I just basically grabbed my penis in the same way as the picture above and pulled it up and down. That was the only way I could get any pleasure at the time. It was so frustrating though, even though it gave me pleasure, I was frustrated at the fact that I had to resort to masturbating like that because my penis was too small for me to masturbate “normally”.

I was relieved to know one thing though..

Although my penis was really small before, I was happy that at least it wasn’t small enough, to the point where I would end up peeing on my balls every time I’d go to the toilet. If you’re wondering, it IS possible for someone’s penis to be that small.
Anyways, let’s not get into too much detail with all that. Having a penis isn’t all about masturbating. This is what I realized when I met my girlfriend. Though I won’t mention her name, I’ll just refer to her as Kelly. Kelly and I got along really well, I met her at uni. After 2 months, I managed to “ask her out”. She said yes. After about 3-4 months, she asked me if I wanted to have sex! You have no idea how happy I was at that time. It made me really horny, I wanted to have sex with her so badly.

I thought to myself, “I’m gonna rip that pussy up!” hahaha. I guess all the crazy thoughts of sex and how horny I was really got to me at the time. When I got home and took a shower, I looked down and literally thought “holy shit! how the hell am I going to “rip her pussy up” with this”… I completely forgot about my little one downstairs. She wanted to have sex that same night!

As soon as I got out of the shower, I went to go to my bedroom and saw her just laying there, naked, and I could tell by the look in her eyes that she really wanted to have sex. It was so hard for me to tell her that I didn’t want to have sex, especially after seeing how disappointed she looked after I told her I didn’t feel like having sex (even though I really wanted to). I couldn’t let her see my penis..

I just knew I wouldn’t be able to give her any pleasure knowing that I didn’t exactly have much to offer. I’m pretty sure she didn’t know the reason behind me not wanting to have sex, but she went ahead and tried to comfort me by saying “Don’t worry! It’s ok. I’m happy with whatever you’ve got down there”. Don’t believe your girlfriend when she says that! She’ll say that now, but when she actually sees how small your penis is, you know she’ll react in a way that is anything but good.

My turning point..

If you have a girlfriend, I’m sure you can definitely relate to this and see how frustrating it can be. I was really depressed that night. I knew I had to do something about it. This is what caused me to make a turning point in my life, not only for her, but for myself. I spent the whole night researching on penis enlargement programs, searching Google for terms like natural penis enlargement, how to get a bigger penis, bigger penis without pills, and many others. When I first dabbled into penis enlargement, I knew I wasn’t going to resort to any penis enlargement pills. It just didn’t seem right. If you just think about it, can you really trust a PILL to enlarge your penis!? I’ve always thought of pills to be nothing but scams, so I never bothered looking them up.

After a few hours of searching, I found a site that had reviews of the top 5 penis enlargement sites. Penis Advantage was rated #1 on the site. I looked through the site and was convinced enough to want to buy. There was a 60 day money back guarantee, so I thought why not? I paid through PayPal and was taken to the members area right after I paid, and that’s pretty much where my “journey” began..
My Results with Penis Advantage

Now I knew that Penis Advantage was a program of penis enlargement exercises, but I never actually gave much thought about this. The first thing I thought before I started was “where the hell am I going to do these exercises?” I like with my parents and two sisters in an apartment that’s considerably small, and I knew I didn’t want anyone to see or catch me doing these “exercises”, so I did them right after I took a shower. I guess that’s the best time to do them anyway, so might as well. I’m hoping no one noticed how long I took in the shower, because I left the cold water running to make it seem like I was still taking a shower, but in actual fact I was doing the first few exercises outlined in the Penis Advantage members area.
penis advantages
Ok, I just thought I’d mention that because if you’re planning to become a member of Penis Advantage, you’re going to need to think about the above – if you live by yourself though, you should be fine.

So, my results with Penis Advantage? For the amount of time I’ve been doing these exercises, I think my results are nothing phenomenal to be honest. I’ve been doing these exercises for about 6.5 months now.. but I’m happy with my results to say the least. I’m just happy to know that my penis is AT LEAST in the average zone. I guess I’m not super impressed because I had high expectations, but as the months went by, I learned that it takes time and it’s definitely no “walk in the park”.

Look at the graph below..
Average Penis Size Chart – Penis Length (Erect)

penis advantage scam
Before I started these exercises I was apart of the very small percentage (Below 4.00 inches) that you see on the graph above. Fast forward 6.5 months later and I’m now at 5.74 when erect and about 4.20 non-erect. I spent about 5-10 minutes doing these exercises each day and took breaks as I was advised in the members area.

It was definitely hard to stick with the program at first. I just thought all these weird “exercises” I was doing was stupid. I thought to myself “how the hell is doing this going to make my penis any bigger?”. I guess this is the mentality that most people have when they first start the program.. so alot of them quit only after a week of doing it. If you’re one of those types of people, I wouldn’t recommend buying Penis Advantage. You’re just going to waste your time and money. If you think you can spend a few minutes each day doing these exercises for a few months and you’re determined, then why not?
My Life After Penis Advantage..

I can’t really express how happy I am, not only because of the gains I’ve made, but because of how patient my girlfriend has been through all of this. While she does not know what I’ve been doing these past 6 months, she’s never complained about sex, and the lack of it in our relationship. Just a week ago I personally asked her if she wanted to have sex, and she agreed with a very big smile on her face. :) I was more than happy to lose my virginity to her. We had great sex, and as far as I can recall, she didn’t complain about my size or give me any of those wierd looks. She actually thanked me afterwards, but that’s as much detail I’ll get into about all that. This is supposed to be a review, not a sex story!

It’s also had an impact on me as a person. I feel alot more confident about myself.

Why did I make this site?

I know that 90% of the people who visit the Penis Advantage website will most likely search penis advantage review or penis advantage scam on Google, so I made this site just for you guys. I made this site after seeing all the so-called “reviews” other websites were giving (read the top). I made this website to share my story with everyone and to share my experience with the Penis Advantage program. Something you won’t find anywhere else.

I also welcome ALL penis advantage members to post their reviews and experiences here – good or bad. All reviews are welcome. You can share your review on the Penis Advantage Reviews page.
penis advantage scam
Now I’m not saying you have to believe everything I’ve said on this page. It’s ultimately up to you whether or not you choose to become a member of Penis Advantage. Though I’ve had a few people ask me if I have any proof that I actually AM a member of Penis Advantage.. I’m not sure why you’d need proof of that, but anyways, here’s a screenshot preview I took of the Penis Advantage members area a few hours ago..The quality of the screenshots aren’t exactly the best because I’ve resized them to fit on the page.
So.. What’s Your Plan?Everything from here on is your choice. Whatever route you choose to take on your journey to penis enlargement is completely up to you. But just know that if you ever plan to become a member of Penis Advantage, do yourself a favour!

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